Introducing Hubs.

A brand new approach on the Metaverse. Create, explore, attend, meet and earn using 3D & VR virtual spaces.

The next metaverse social hub.
For everyone.

Create, host and attend things like virtual events, concerts, meetings, art galleries using a easy to use creator.
Have fully optimizable virtual spaces at your fingertips.

An open, permissionless world.

The freedom of blockchain in an entertaining, fun and immersive environment.


Host and attend any event.

Explore virtual events of any kind and meet people.

Create worlds of your own.

With Hubs, you'll be able to create and customize rooms to your need, giving no limit to your creativity.

Built for the next wave of adoption.

Powered by Mozilla Hubs, Landboard Hubs will be run directly in browser, making the experience and interaction smooth & easy to use.

Powered by LAND.

Customized in-game avatars, wearables, utility NFTs for each room, blockchain implementation & NFT Marketplace are just a glimpse at what Hubs will be able to host.


Going from app to ecosystem.

Coming Soon

Questions & Answers

What is Hubs?
How does it work?
When will the platform be live?
Is it open-source?
Can I get early access?
Can I create a Hub?